Oracle, 2017

Hong Kong 2018
Capsule Shanghai
Oracle is a record of the relationship between the planet, humans, and technology. Filmed at Biosphere2 — a 3.14-acre glass and steel structure, the work renders the interaction of light, air, water, soil, flora and fauna as synthetic elements inside the self-contained ecosystem. In the age of the Holocene, Biosphere2 becomes an allegory for our entanglement with the world — where substances like CO2, bacteria, UV rays, the weather and viruses exert their own force. Oracle是一份關於地球、人類和技術間關係的記錄,拍攝於生物圈二號研究中心,該基地為鋼筋玻璃結構,佔地3.14英畝。光、空氣、水、土壤、動物、植物在其中相互作用形成自給自足的生態系統。在全新世時代,生物圈二號成為我們與這個被二氧化碳、細菌、紫外線、天氣和病毒等物質力量控制的世界之間糾葛關係的寓言。