Pirate, 2014

Hong Kong 2018
Capsule Shanghai
“Pirate” is an extension of Feng Chen's previous work “Single Eye” and was made using a device given by a friend who can only see through one eye due to a physical condition. In Pirate, produced during Feng Chen's residency at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam, the artist asks viewers to watch the movie with only one eye because he uses a new technology that challenges peoples’ visual and sensory experience. The audience is able to see three-dimensional images with one eye, but the video as depicted through the pirate’s perspective is flat. In “Pirate”, he attempts to alter peoples’ viewing habits by applying new shooting techniques and exploring a different way of seeing. A new visual experience leads to Feng Chen contemplate what else is possible, such as the creation of new visual effects. It has also caused him to rethink the impact of what we see in our everyday lives on our overall experience. The light information received from our retina is full of data that informs our worldview and subconscious. This is what he wants to study and explore. 馮晨曾為朋友製作一台機器以彌補他的視覺障礙,使他能用一個眼睛看到立體的世界(因其只有一個眼睛功能正常,看到的世界是平面的,沒有縱深感 )。 在阿姆斯特丹駐留期間完成的作品《海盜》中,馮晨要求觀眾只用一隻眼睛觀看錄像。他使用了一種新技術來挑戰人們的視覺感官體驗。觀眾用一隻眼就能看見立體的影像,而在影片中海盜的眼裡的世界卻是平面的。新的視覺體驗引發馮晨思考其他的可能性,比如如何創造新的視覺效果。同時也促發了他重新思考基於經驗所看見的日常生活給我們帶來的影響。由視網膜接受到的光源攜帶了告訴我們世界面貌和潛意識的大量信息。這正是馮晨想要研究和探索的課題。