The Raft of ______, 2016

Hong Kong 2018
Mujin-to Production
Up to now, there hasn't been a single boat that's made it safely from Libya to Europe (without being rescued along the way). One human smuggler was reported to have told refugees that it was only a couple of hours to Europe ─ "like crossing a river." I built an impromptu raft and tried drifting with a friend. Echoing the smuggler's words ─ "like crossing a river" ─ we departed. When our energy finally gave out, I used a QR code as an SOS signal to transmit the location of the raft. As long as there are refugees dying in the seas, I'm keeping the domain linked to this QR code up. To continue the raft's drift on the internet, I move the pinned location daily. Just because we're no longer there, we can't say that someone else isn't. I want the viewer to imagine the other side of the world from the visual abstractness of water ─ because the water that flows in the nearby river surely leads all the way to the Mediterranean.