SF San Francisco or Science Fiction or How do I Understand the History, 2013

Hong Kong 2018
Misa Shin Gallery
Taro Shinoda was born in 1964, and studied landscape gardening before becoming a visual artist. His wide-ranging work encompassing sculpture, video works and installation delves deep into the relationship between humans and nature, receiving substantial international acclaim. The theme of the work is Treaty of Peace with Japan which was signed in 1951 in San Francisco officially ended the American occupation of Japan and ended World War II in the Asia Pacific region. On the same day the treaty was signed, the US and Japan Security Treaty which resulted US military to base in Japan was also signed. The video was taken in a former military facility and its surrounding in San Francisco and a room used by Douglas MacArther during the occupation in Japan. By taking an abstract approach to examining historical relationship between Japan and the US, the artist attempts to suggest the possibility of finding a new path forward. 篠田太郎生於1964年,在成為視覺藝術家之前,學習景觀園林設計。他的創作範圍非常廣,包括雕刻、視頻作品和裝置藝術。這些作品深入探討了人類與自然的聯繫,獲得了廣泛的國際關注。1951年,美日在舊金山(三藩市)簽注的《對日和平條約》,正式結束了美國對日本的佔領與二戰太平洋地區的戰爭。同日簽定的還有《美日安保條約》,其確立了美軍可駐留日本建立軍事基地。這一件作品以此為題,拍攝了前軍事設施,與其周圍舊金山(三藩市)的風景,還有道格拉斯· 克阿瑟在占日期間曾使用過的房間。這位藝術家通過抽象化的處理去審視歷史上美日兩國的關係,試圖去開發一條通往前方新道路的可能性。