Building Recollections, 2016

Hong Kong 2018
Kukje Gallery / Tina Kim Gallery
Building Recollections is a video work created from photographs of buildings in planned redevelopment zones. Though time has seemingly stopped on these roads, the buildings slowly roll past the screen along with the audio monologues by the people who call them home. The work memorializes human existence in the past while foretelling the brief future for these homes. The images of the building’s present appearance intersect with the monologues of the past memories intricately woven into them, creating a peculiar sense of space and time. “My brother’s room was the only room with a bed. While my father, mother and I slept on the floor, he slept a bit above the ground. I imagined my brother 30cm higher than us, looking at the ceiling 30cm closer than us, and then falling asleep.” As the title suggests, Building Recollections documents memories born in old homes that will be buried under ground on which they stand. There are seven episodes which capture the fleeting fragments of life in the aging neighborhood. "這件作品是用舊城改造地區即將拆遷建築的照片制作的影像作品。時光仿佛凝固在每一條街道,破舊的建築物在大屏幕一幀幀畫面中緩緩流動,並伴隨著曾生活在那些建築裏的人們的獨白。這樣的效果使人回憶起在老街上生活的舊貌和此中穿梭的身影,也讓人仿佛預見在現實中即將消失的房屋的未來。 作品中,現在和過去的瞬間交叉在一起,即欣賞作品的這一瞬間與獨白之中的流淌出來的過去的瞬間交叉在一起,令人感知到奇妙的時空感。 『哥哥的房間有我家唯一的床鋪。當我跟爸爸媽媽睡在地板時,哥哥睡在比我們稍微高一點的地方。我想像著躺在比我們高30厘米的床上,還盯著比我們離天花板近30厘米左右的高度睡著的哥哥的樣子。』 正如作品名稱《凝固時光》一樣,這件作品記載著點點滴滴的回憶——是那些在快要被夷為平地的破舊小屋裏長大的人們的回憶。這件作品由7個情節組成,透過破舊的胡同中的老房子,展現出想要抓住的人生命中的寶貴瞬間。"