Guo Guo, 2017

Hong Kong 2018
A⁺ Contemporary
The sound of Long-horned grasshopper (Guo Guo) was like the sound of “國” (kingdom in Chinese). Before the end of the Qing Dynasty, Guo Guo was breed only for the emperor as his secret toys. Guo Guo symbolized the invisible power of the Emperor. The monopoly of the Guo Guo was more often recognized as the emperor’s dominant force over people. This animation will directly replace the insect-shaped Guo Guo with the human form; also the experience of breeding Guo Guo will be transplanted to the new human form. 蟈蟈的叫聲似「國」,清朝結束之前只是中國皇帝的密玩。養蟈蟈在很長一段時間象征著隱形的權利,與其說是對蟲的壟斷,不如承認是對人的支配力。那麼本片就直接將蟲形蟈蟈替換為人形,將選蟈蟈和養蟈蟈的心得方法移植到新的人形上。