Canton Novelty, 2016

Hong Kong 2018
Boers-Li Gallery
“Canton Novelty” is a work about “creating” miracles in our everyday life. Ruohan, Lily and Zoe, three girls who are close friends, are spending summer vacation together in the southern city of Guangzhou. They are curiously documenting their vacation time with their cell phones, but meanwhile they are discovering each of them have some super-power. They are exploring the city of Guangzhou with their wondrous abilities. 《廣州新語》是壹部關於在日常生活中「創造」奇跡的作品。三個好朋友若含、莉莉、祖兒在廣州一起渡過她們的暑期,她們一邊好奇地用手機記錄著她們的假期,一邊「發現」著她們身上各自具備的特殊能力。影片講述了這三個女孩用她們的神奇的超能力探索廣州這座城市。