My present owners 02, 2012 - 2016

Hong Kong 2018
Gallery Yang
I felt like I had found the club when I found this picture in the network in 2012. I looked at it and immediately I knew how the picture was made. However, I needed 10 minutes to tell its generating process. I uses first person narration to write the readme file. Its name is "code TR readme file." In 2016 I transformed the file into video display version, which is the artwork “My present owners 02”. I translated it by Baidu translate. It becomes a video with English subtitles. The original Chinese text was read by computer Siri as an audio file. I used this picture to describe the electronic world I imagined of. Why do I have these ideas? As a text with recording function, I hope it can play a nostalgic role. I assumed that if this picture has a desire to meet its original copy as mentioned in the text, I hope that it can achieve this good wish through its own voice! Under this circumstance, this work also has a sense of lost notice. 2012年的時候我在我電腦中的網路世界發現了這張圖片,當時我覺得我像找到了組織一樣。我看了一眼我就知道這張圖片是如何生成的。但是我說出他的誕生過程可能要十分鐘,所以我以第一人稱的方式寫了它的自述文件,它的名字叫《代號TR自述文件》。 2016年我將這個視頻輸出成展示文件,這就是《我現在的主人02》這件視頻,我用百度翻譯為這篇文章做了英語翻譯,讓它變成視頻的英文字幕,而中文原文用計算機文檔朗讀的方式做成了音頻。我藉這張圖片的口說出了我想像中的電子世界,我為什麼會有這些想法?作為一段記錄性的文字,我希望它可以起到懷舊的功能。還有我在文中提到的,假設這張圖片和它的原始本尊見面的願望,我也希望通過它自己的發聲,來實現它的美好願望!在這種意義上,這件作品還帶有「」「尋人啟事」的味道。