Vertical Horizon, 2017

Hong Kong 2018
Hauser & Wirth
Vertical Horizon is situated “after the future,” as Franco Berardi puts it, when utopian visions have come to an end. Fran Athens, a character shifting between masquerade and sci-fi personage, tries to resist this proclamation of finitude, creating the illusion of embodying a character within a “real” science fiction narrative. Despite his efforts, the fiction repeatedly collapses and Fran finds himself trapped in a present journey which is marked by untoward social encounters and relished by moments of estrangement, melancholia and alienation. Working across multiple artistic mediums, Andy Hope 1930 avoids categorisation and instead develops a unique and complex iconography. Hope drafts fictional universes that move between the debris of history and fantastic utopian ideas, creating (in his words) ‘a mazy infinity’. Andy Hope 1930 lives in Berlin, Germany. "如弗蘭克·貝拉爾迪所言,《垂直地平線》處於「未來之後」,即烏托邦的願景結束之際。弗蘭·伊桑斯,一個游離於科幻與喬裝之間的人物,試圖抵抗這一界限,創造出表現「真實」科幻小說中的人物的假象。儘管他很努力,但故事重複地瓦解。弗蘭發現自己被困在一段旅程之中,充滿意外的社會遭遇和隔閡、憂鬱與疏離的瞬間。 安迪·霍普 1930的創作跨越多種藝術媒介,避免刻板的分類,而是發展出一套獨特且複雜的圖像符號體系。霍普繪製虛構的、徘徊於歷史廢墟與幻想烏托邦之間的宇宙,用他的話來說,形成一種「迷宮般的無限」。 安迪·霍普 1930居住於德國柏林。"