Body of light, 2015

Hong Kong 2018
“Body of Light” is about warmth and harm arriving at the same when physical contact was made between two strangers. Song pays attention to the body as the medium of expression. He believes that political attribute has buried the intensity of ideology in social body. The sensuality of the body, the temperature derived from emotion and pain forming fundamental support for his creation. Warmth, hidden in the works of minimalist style, creates certain unknown relationship among the physical, the emotional and the material. Often, "wrong" judgment happens due to defamiliarization cognition and dissociation of experience in the order of inertia, causing intentional damage to the emotion as well as the body. 《光之身體》講的是:當兩個陌生人之間的身體接觸、摩擦後帶來的陌生感,溫暖與傷害同時共存。 宋兮在藝術創作上,注重身體為媒介的表達。宋兮認為,高度的意識形態在社會化的身體中,埋藏著政治屬性。身體自身的肉感、情感所產生的溫度和疼痛作為作品背後的支撐,溫暖隱藏在作品極簡的形式中,從而在身體、情感、物質之間建立某種未知的關係。常以陌生化的認知、經驗在慣性的秩序中抽離,往往發生「錯誤」的判斷,對身體情感造成故意的「傷害」。