Struggle, 2015

Hong Kong 2018
Don Gallery
In the film entitled Struggle, Huang Fangling plays the part of Lady F who is dressed in an elaborate costume in European style, entangled with an African male and an African female. She is trapped in the center of the frame, struggling, but cannot escape the difficult position. The two Africans are confident and deterrent. They snap their fingers on the African beat and tend to encircle Lady F. Suddenly all three together are in an intimate tactical combat. The smell of breath and sweat constitutes the expanded field of the bodies, which is inseparable. 在作品《Struggle》中,藝術家扮演成身著歐洲華服的亞裔Lady F,被兩位非裔舞者困在畫面中心,掙扎著而又無法擺脫困境。 在影像開始,兩位舞者打著響指,以特有的非洲節奏在Lady F身邊環繞、舞蹈,自信且極具威力。緊接著,是三個人更親密的搏鬥。喘息,汗水,身體紐結在一起,無法分割。