Drawer Feet, 2013

Hong Kong 2018
Gallery Yang
The transformation starts from feet to drawers. The transformation of the rest of the body was omitted. I imply that these transformed objects (drawers and body) resemble families living in their houses. The function and the form of a drawer draws a connected line with a house: on one hand, a drawer is the container for family stuff for people who live in the same house; on the other hand, the memory and history of a family printed in life are the same as the smell from the drawers in time passing. I simplify the form of ‘moving home’, and simplify the motion of ‘family’ in the way my drawer feet are walking on a city road. 身體從腳變形為抽屜開始,省略了整個身體被物體化的變形,我藉這個變形物暗指家庭。抽屜的功能和外型讓我聯想到房間,一是它收納家庭物件與人生活在房間中相當;二是家庭記憶,家庭歷史在生命體中的印記與抽屜在時間中發酵的氣味相當。我簡化了「搬家」的形式,簡化了「家」的運動—— 在城市的馬路上行走。