In-Out (Antropofagia) [In-Out (Antropophagy)], 1973 - 1974

Hong Kong 2018
Hauser & Wirth
Anna Maria Maiolino is one of the most significant artists working in Brazil today. In a career spanning five decades and a diversity of disciplines and mediums, ranging from drawing, sculpture, and artist books to video and performance, she expresses through her art a bottomless concern with creative and destructive processes and, above all, the never-ending search for identity. Maiolino’s multidisciplinary practice has consistently explored the viscerality of embodied experience – often obliquely through fragmentation and abstraction – and engaged the human body’s processes as analogs for both the making of art and the making of modernity. 安娜·瑪利亞·麥歐利諾是當下巴西最重要的藝術家之一。在長達五十餘年、橫跨多種媒介與領域(如繪畫、雕塑、藝術家書籍、影像和行為表演)的藝術生涯中,她通過藝術表達對創作和毀滅過程、以及對身份永無止境的探索的無限關注。麥歐利諾的跨領域藝術實踐不斷探索身體經驗的內心性——通常間接地使用碎片化和抽象化的手法——並將身體的過程與創作藝術和創作現代性作類比。