Fortunetelling, 2017

Hong Kong 2018
Beijing Art Now Gallery
The film tells a bizarre story of three artists. To achieve the goal of “changing the landscape to emancipate human beings”, three “frustrated” artists practice qigong, chant incantations and play sorcery at the “Great Four Continents” of the Summer Palace. They also practice fortunetelling, make prayers and exercise magic guided by a Chinese prophecy book Tui bei tu, with an “information wok” popular in China in the 1980s. What they have done has moved God who offers them some return at last. By using and adapting a lot of folk music and art, the video dismantles, mixes and rebuilds the relationship among time, space and events. The artist has made mysterious experiments to structure the film, but also offered the necessary logic to the audience. 短片講述的是北京頤和園「四大部洲」的山上,為了實現「改天換地,解放全人類」的偉大目標,三位「窩囊廢」藝術家以古典預言書《推背圖》為指導綱領,以80年代練特異功能用的信息鍋為作案工具,以氣功、念咒、跳大神等誇張的怪力亂神手段為儀軌,進行了一系列占卜、祈禱、作法的行為。最終他們感動了天地,取得了一定意義上的成功。影片大量運用並改編了多種民俗音樂、曲藝,並對時間、空間、事件三者之間的關係不斷進行拆解、混編、重建,即對影片的結構建立做出了諸多飄忽實驗,又沒放棄讓大家看到一個故事本來必需的敘事邏輯。