Days Gone By – Yu Hong, 2009

Hong Kong 2018
Long March Space
This documentary depicts the multifaceted Yu Hong - wife, mother, teacher, artist and celebrity - from the perspective of her filmmaker friend, Wang Xiaoshuai. It is also a continuation of Wang Xiaoshuai’s fiction film The Days (1993), in which Yu Hong previously starred as the female half of an artist couple in crisis. The documentary examines the generational experience of Yu Hong, Wang Xiaoshuai, and their peers. Thanks to Wang Xiaoshuai’s decades-long friendship with Yu Hong, Days Gone By transcends the narrative of an individual artist and encapsulates the rise of the Chinese art scene during a drastically changing era. 本紀錄片從喻紅的製片友人王小帥的角度下,揭開她的不同面紗:她既是人妻、母親、教師和藝術家,同時也是一位名人。《冬春之後 — 喻紅篇》是1993年《冬春的日子》的姊妹篇。後者道出喻紅與同時為藝術家的丈夫之間所出現的問題。《冬春之后 — 喻紅篇》透視喻紅、王小帥與同輩的一代經歷。因為王小帥跟喻紅長達十年的友誼關係,《冬春之後 — 喻紅篇》超越了對一位藝術家的敘述,同時概括了在中國處於動盪的時刻藝壇崛起的現象。