New Classic of Mountains and Seas III, 2013 - 2017

Hong Kong 2018
Boers-Li Gallery
Since 2004, the New Classic of Mountains and Seas series has focused on key sociological and political issues such as environmental degradation, the depletion of natural resources and the impact of imperialism. The series references the ‘Classic of Mountains and Seas’: an ancient Chinese story collection featuring mythic geography. Qiu developed a corresponding visual style by combining traditional ink-wash painting with high-tech video animation. Part III is set in the future, in a wasteland-like city surrounded by virtual hologram images. The characters are caught in contradictory relationships as they play dual roles: one virtual, one real. 自2004年起,邱黯雄的《新山海經》電影系列把焦點放在環境退化、自然資源的損耗和帝國主義等主要社會和政治議題上。他參照中國遠古神話經典《山海經》— 一本薈萃珍奇博物的地理風俗志 — 再融合傳統水墨與動畫電影,呈現出一致的視覺風格。《新山海經3》把現實投射到未來,描述如水鄉的城市被虛擬全像投射影像圍繞著;而在城市裏,人們生活於虛擬與現實中,雙重的存在角色混淆不堪。