Time Spy, 2016

Hong Kong 2018
Sean Kelly, Edouard Malingue Gallery, ShanghART Gallery
"Chinese artist Sun Xun’s expressionistic work blends ancient and modern artistic techniques. The 3D stop-motion animation work Time Spy is a surrealistic meditation on time, cosmology, and personal history, and is composed of 10,000 woodcuts. Commissioned and produced by Audemars Piguet Art Commission Program 2016 in partnership with Sean Kelly, Edouard Malingue and ShanghART." 中國藝術家孫遜的作品糅合了遠古與現代藝術技巧,展現出表達派主義的風格。3D定格動畫《偷時間的人》是一齣與1000塊傳統木刻相結合的影片,以超現實的手法,對時間、宇宙和個人歷史作出沉思。由愛彼藝術創作委託統籌的動畫錄影作品《偷時間的人》,是與Sean Kelly、Edouard Malingue及香格納畫廊共同製作。