Deep Gold, 2013 - 2014

Hong Kong 2018
König Galerie
Deep Gold is part of the anthology film The Scorpion’s Sting. For this project, six artists or artist collectives were invited to reinterpret sequences from Luis Buñuel’s controversial film L’Âge d’Or (1930). Julian Rosefeldt’s contribution, the black-and-white Deep Gold, shows a world full of lust and desire, in which a weak male protagonist is overwhelmed by an all-emcompassing female sexuality. Just as Buñuel used the motif of ‘amour fou’ to attack the hypocrisies of his time, Rosefeldt weaves references to contemporary sexual politics and other socio-political tensions into his version of the tale. 《深金》是《The Scorpion’s Sting》影集中的一齣電影,請來六位藝術家或六個藝術合作單位重新演繹路易士.布努埃爾(Luis Buñuel)轟動一時的電影《黃金時代》(1930)。朱利安.羅斯菲德的《深金》黑白影片,展示了一個充滿強烈欲望的世界,以及一個被無所不在的女性欲望壓倒的柔弱男主角。正如布努埃爾以「瘋狂的愛」(amour fou)為題來抨擊當時的偽善行為, 羅斯菲德的故事參照了這個方法,但卻用來批評時下緊張的性政治和其他社會政治爭論。