Moon and Sixpence, 2016

Hong Kong 2018
Leo Gallery
Yuan Keru’s three-channel video Moon and Sixpence (2016) is inspired by the 1919 eponymous novel written by W. Somerset Maugham, based on the life of painter Paul Gauguin. In this work, the artist reconsiders the isolated island of Tahiti, where the story is set, as a sci-fi landscape. While architect Yung Ho Chang’s Vertical Glass House, situated close to the West Bund Art Center in Shanghai, is used as a filming location, Yuan also brings in 3D digital special effects to turn the space into an aircraft travelling through the Ice Age. In the aircraft, each floor represents a different plane of existence (the Garden of Eden, the physical and spiritual worlds respectively) with five characters inhabiting the space who embody the creators and the terminators of the world, and communicate with each other through dance. 三頻錄像《月亮便士》(2016年)的靈感來源於毛姆的小說《月亮和六便士》。小說裡與世隔絕的塔希提島在藝術家袁可如眼中成為一個科幻概念。她以著名建築師張永和先生在上海西岸藝術中心附近的垂直玻璃房(也是影片拍攝地)為原型,結合3D數字特效,將它變成在冰河世紀的上空出現的一個神秘飛行器。飛行器的每一層分別代表著伊甸園、現實文明、精神世界,其中居住了五個代表性的人物——他們既是創世者也是末世者,在不同層次中用身體和舞蹈進行探索和表達。