Honeycomb, 2018

Basel 2018
Chemould Prescott Road
Mixed Media
Watercolour and charcoal on unbleached cotton fabric stretched on padded board
163.0 x 122.0 (cm)
64.2 x 48.0 (inch)
Mattresses belong to the domestic terrain and here, I continue to explore their surface as a base to paint images of the home, dream and body. Desires and aspirations are just a flip second away from the real. The process of staining and marking with watercolour and charcoal on the unbleached cotton, which resists, is playful. The geometric shapes and lines reference the modernist minimal art of the 70s, while the elements of the lamp (after Carlo Mollino) and the landscape (after the Italian primitives) betray my attitude of devouring images from diverse sources and spilling them onto my work. These drawings with the humility of the mundane, exist between the mysterious moment when all is familiar and yet nothing is – in the artist’s studio, in the bedroom or in love. Anju Dodiya April, 2018