Studio Mix, 2010

Basel 2018
Sperone Westwater
HD video installation
620.0 x 400.0 x 530.0 (cm)
244.1 x 157.5 x 208.7 (inch)
Studio Mix was originally installed at Sperone Westwater in a room with the following dimensions: 20’6” (W) x 17’3” (D) x 13’ (H) (6.2 x 5.3 x 4 m) A video and sound piece which combines elements from all the works in the exhibition “For Children/For Beginners” in a single installation. A video of Nauman’s two hands performing all the possible combinations of the four fingers and the thumb is projected to scale on a rear projection screen. The video is accompanied by three audio components: (1) 'For Beginners (all the combinations of the thumb and finger)', 2010, Nauman’s verbal instructions for all possible combinations of the four fingers and the thumb; (2) 'For Beginners (instructed piano)', 2010, a recording of Terry Allen playing the piano in response to Nauman’s verbal instructions; and (3) 'For Children', 2010, Nauman speaking the words “For Children,” “For Children,” “For Children,” repeatedly.