Incoming, 2016

Basel 2018

carlier gebauer, Jack Shainman Gallery

3-channel HD video with 7.2 surround sound
Richard Mosse has developed a body of work that is both unabashedly aesthetic while simultaneously fraught with political and ethical implications. Throughout his work, Mosse subverts weaponized photographic technologies, using them to confront the viewer and question documentary forms. The immersive three-channel video installation, Incoming, documents the journeys of refugees using a military thermal camera that can detect human body heat from a distance of more than 30 km, day or night. He has used this technology to create an artwork about the mass migration crisis unfolding across the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe. Incoming is a critically acclaimed film installation, made in collaboration with Ben Frost and Trevor Tweeten and co-commissioned by the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, and the Barbican Art Gallery, London. Mosse lives and works in New York and Ireland. He is the recipient of the Prix Pictet, the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize, the Yale Poynter Fellowship in Journalism, the B3 Award at the Frankfurt Biennial, the Guggenheim Fellowship, a grant from the Shifting Foundation, the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, and the Leonore Annenberg Fellowship.