Exposure #85: N.Y.C., Broome & Crosby Streets, 01.11.11, 12:31p.m., 2011

Basel 2018
Monica De Cardenas
Ultrachrome ink on cotton paper
Barbara Probst’s work is composed of a group of 13 photographs. At first glance they appear mysteriously connected, yet they refuse to disclose their secret. Closer observation reveals they portray the same scene from different angles of the very same moment. This fragmentation of the instant into a series of images is a tool for exploring the ambiguities of the photographic image. Probst abandons the single-eyed gaze of the camera and divides it into various points of view; at the same time, she multiplies and diversifies the short moment of the shot. Each camera gives us a different view of the same reality, thus revealing its subjectivity. Exposure #85 follows the conventions of cinematic storytelling. The first ‘frame’ shows a loft building from the outside, establishing the location. The following images show details of the event taking place inside. A man looks out of the window and, true to cinematic expectation, we follow his gaze into the street where the narrative seems to continue. The meticulous depiction of a singular moment suggests the passing of time. Seemingly a chain of events is unfolding, but in reality we are being confronted with synchronous fragments of the same moment.