I miss Socialism, maybe…, 2010

Basel 2018
Galleria Continua
Wall painted in Chinese red, vinyl stickers, 9 sofas presenting the 9 Chinese characters constituting the phrase ‘I miss Socialism, maybe…’, 21 second-hand monitors of various sizes, 21 films, felt-tip pen, handwritten text on wall (optional)
‘Actually I miss my youth. When the changes in my native Bulgaria that led to wild protocapitalism in the country took place in November 1989, I was 31 years old. At that time I already thought that I was old enough…. I miss Big Brother’s eyes. Why? Because my friends and I dreamt about how nice it would be when Big Brother’s eyes would be gone forever. Yes, they are gone now but they have been replaced by many more, even though not so big, pairs of eyes following you – as a citizen of a democratic country – and trying to take things away from you that in the past belonged to Big Brother by default, but now you are supposed to deliver them voluntarily…. My family and I have already been living without socialism for 21 years. [This text was written in 2010, Beijing.] A part of my diverse artist production are these 21 videos spread among the giant comfortable cushions in the shape of the nine Chinese characters constituting the phrase “I miss Socialism, maybe.” Almost none of these videos are directly related to that theme. But what they do show is the confused inner world of a middle-aged man who still believes that a better world will come, again.’ – Nedko Solakov