Translucent Chromointerferent Environment, 1974 - 2009

Basel 2018
Galeria Raquel Arnaud
Installation, mixed media
1186.0 x 375.0 x 1187.0 (cm)
466.9 x 147.6 x 467.3 (inch)
In my works, color appears and disappears during the course of a dialogue with real space and time. What also emerges is the undeniable fact that the information we have acquired and the knowledge we have memorized throughout our lifetime are, probably, not true… at least to some extent. When we view color through an “elementary prism” that has been stripped of pre-existing meanings, it can awaken other sensory perception mechanisms that are more subtle and complex than those that have been ingrained in us by our cultural conditioning and the constant, ubiquitous barrage of information we face in our contemporary society. The Translucent Chromointerferent Environment is an evolving work; it is an aerial projection of moving lattices of light, in such a way that everything is transfigured, everything loses its materiality, and we become, simultaneously, authors and actors. It is a double dialogue of transfiguration where everything that was static turns to motion.’ – Carlos Cruz-Diez