Roof Study (Trekhgornaja Manufaktura), 2015

Basel 2018
Georg Kargl Fine Arts
aluminium, marbled paper
25.0 x 37.0 x 4.0 (cm)
9.8 x 14.6 x 1.6 (inch)
Andreas Fogarasi was born 1977 in Vienna. He developed a practice that is documentary as well as sculptural. In his installations, objects, photographs, books and videos he is concerned with how places, ideas or historic events are turned into images. Fogarasi's 'Roof Studies', made from folded copper or aluminum and covered with bookbinding cloth or marbled paper can be traced between architectural models, material samples and information surfaces. They are echoing the folded pages of a book as well as the geometric structures of modern architecture. The roof as shelter and most basic form of architecture is a recurring motif in Fogarasi’s work, the flag-like appearance of the objects is counterbalanced by the reflective metallic surface and their small size. Furthermore, this series was developed out of a public project to be realised at Freyung, one of Vienna's architectonically beautiful squares that is undermined by an underground parking. As canopy for the descending flight of stairs, Fogarasi's roof tops cite the modern archetype of a folded plate and serve as homage to 1950s architecture. The materiality and surface aesthetic being crucial for the artist, his use of aluminium or copper in this case reminds of sacred and representational buildings in the public space.