Kultur & Freizeit (pages) - A machine for (interest), 2008

Basel 2018
Georg Kargl Fine Arts
lamda print laminated on polycarbonate, Ed. 2/5 + 4/5+5/5
79.4 x 60.0 (厘米)
31.3 x 23.6 (吋)
Andreas Fogarasi was born 1977 in Vienna. His installations, sculptures, videos and photographs are engaging with the act of showing and of representation. Fogarasi analyzes how places, cities, political ideas, or historic events become images and questions the role of culture – art, architecture, and design – in this process. Underlying his works is his critical examination of the mechanisms with which political appropriation operates in the field of visual culture today: the culturalisation of the economy – be it through „creative“ models of working and remuneration, through culture being the motor behind urban reconstruction, or as a valuable method for attracting tourists, investors, and media attention. Formally informed by Minimal Art and Conceptual Art, Fogarasi’s works are at the same time documentary and autonomous sculptures. The documentary element is consciously fractured and rests on a precise balance between information and openness. The sculptural aspect is strongly architectural, often referencing iconic landmarks, commercial presentations or temporary forms of architecture such as stands at fairs, stage constructions, or pavilions.