Wind Scale, 1968

Basel 2018
Upstream Gallery
Prints & Multiples
30.0 x 21.0 (cm)
11.8 x 8.3 (inch)
The Beaufort Scale, officially adopted in 1874 and modified in 1926, is a numerical wind speed system, running from 0 (calm) to 12 (hurricane, further differentiated in scales 13-17). Each type of wind is provided with a number, a name, and a description. The Wind Scale, which was sent along as an enclosure with the Weather Map for September 26, 1968, to individuals and institutions in art circles, was signed ‘Boezem Medium Ter Bevordering Van Hernieuwde Ervaringen’ (Boezem, Medium For The Furtherance of Renewed Experiences), 1968. The enclosed Wind Scale, which somewhat differs from the offical Beaufort Scale, is a copy of the Dutch version which was used at that time by the KNMI. The Wheater Report and the English version of the Wind Scale were distributed by Ger van Elk at the exhibition RA3/Arte Povera piú azione povere, Amalfi, 1968. During the exhibition Op Losse Schroeven, 1969, the light box with the Wind Scale was a component of the Weather Drawings. For the exhibition When Attitude Becomes Form, Bern, 1969, the wind speed and indicators for February 19, 1969, served as a statement for the catalogue.