(Sky strands; sketched) Position, 2018

Miami Beach 2018
Philip Martin Gallery
134.6 x 25.4 (厘米)
53.0 x 10.0 (吋)
Katy COWAN (b. 1982, lives Los Angeles) will present wall-mounted painted aluminum sculptures. Cowan uses an array of media - ceramics, bronze casting, traditional rope making, fabric dying - to make works that push the materiality of the art object. Cowan’s rope works are designed to hang on the wall. They utilize the sense of the painterly frame - the grid - as the basis for composition. Cowan’s stretched fabric works call upon the language of textiles, a medium in which Cowan was trained, to point to the presence of herself as a topic in her own works. Cowan's work is representative of a female approach to material-based sculpture apparent in Los Angeles today.