Arqueologia del muro politico. Palimpsesto de estudios preliminares. Estudio de taller 1, 2017

Miami Beach 2018
Proyectos Monclova
Mixed Media
Mixed media on cardboard, mounted on wood and aluminum stretcher
Artwork size
130.0 x 90.0 x 5.0 (cm)
51.2 x 35.4 x 2.0 (inch)
Since the year 2000, Tercerunquinto has amassed an extensive photographic archivedocumenting outdated political murals on walls in public spaces throughout Mexico. As a historical art form or movement beginning in roughly the 1920's,Mexican Muralism sought to embody the ideals of20th centuryrevolution.Tercerunquinto challenges this historical legacy through theirresearch and documentation of political advertising murals.Found on fences and walls throughout the national landscape, they reframe these political muralsas quotidian expressions of muralistic art,which due to their ubiquity are as much a part of the contemporary nationalconsciousness asmuralism. Appearing freshly painted for each election cycle, this form of muralism is used by political parties to propagandize their agenda of progress and social welfare. To win the hearts, minds, and votes of their audiences, both modernist projects rely on certain repeated visual tropes to communicate the grandiloquence of their political discourse. Based on their photographic archive Tercerunquintopaint a palimpsest mural of underdrawing sketches consisting of roughly 150 layers. This piece is part of their ongoingcomprehensive body of workentitledRestoration of a Mural Painting.