Food for Thought The Road to Heaven, 2018

Miami Beach 2018
Selma Feriani Gallery
Nine hundred and sixty colour audio cassette-tapes and twelve bread baking trays
223.0 x 320.0 x 6.5 (cm)
87.8 x 126.0 x 2.6 (inch)
Malluh plays with audio material to construct words within a visual-sensory framework. The Food for Thought series are installations of interspersed coloured cassette tapes dating from the 1980’s and containing recordings of religious sermons preaching a rigid interpretation of Islam. Impressed into old wooden bread-baking trays from the same period, these cassette compositions ultimately form Arabic words referencing Islamic concepts. This decade saw an adverse fundamental reaction to the fast- paced modernisation and westernisation that was gripping the country.