Superstructure (Vortex Flow with Crystal Tree), 2018

Miami Beach 2018
Galerie Guido W. Baudach
Wood, copper, steel, aluminium, glass figure, light bulb, dice, acrylic glass
192.0 x 100.0 x 65.0 (cm)
75.6 x 39.4 x 25.6 (inch)
With his sculptures and installations, Björn Dahlem lends form to phenomena that lie beyond the powers of the imagination. Rather than simply privileging visual translations of sweeping insights, he makes visible the inexplicable, the wonderful, the contradictory. And without wanting to take scientific modes of representation and accuracy into account, Dahlem develops complex structures out of everyday objects trouvés that make reference to theories and models from the fields of cosmology, astronomy, particle physics or quantum mechanics. In Superstructure (Vortex Flow with Crystal Tree) Dahlem has created a sculptural image for the dynamic relation in between some adjoining galaxies, where the interplay of their gravitational forces leads them into poise; an energized status of uncertainty analog to the idea of the fifth element in alchemy.