Tetracono (multiplo Danese Milano), 1965

Miami Beach 2018
Andrew Kreps Gallery
4 aluminum cones, metal structure
Artwork size
15.5 x 15.0 x 16.0 (cm)
6.1 x 5.9 x 6.3 (inch)
Bruno Munari described himself as an ‘artist, writer, inventor, designer, architect, and illustrator,’ a list that is nowhere near exhaustive, as he developed an extremely personal and singular project over the course of 70 years. Prolific in output throughout his life, and tirelessly inventive, his work defied categorization and includes some of the earliest experiments in what Munari himself would term ‘programmed art,’ as well as light art, installation art, projection-based art, and photocopy art. Throughout his work, Munari viewed technology as a democratizing force within art, citing the potential for an ‘art by all,’ and the destabilization of the idea of the singular artistic genius. The presentation here focuses on significant works underscoring themes that remained constant in his artistic practice. These include his interest in dynamism or the study of the fluidity of signs and shapes, his engagement with the machine, experiments with light, and theoretical reconstructions of imaginary objects.