Untitled, from the series ‘The man who should be dead, but who was resurrected to another life’, 2018

Miami Beach 2018
Work on Paper
Graphite, conte crayon, charocal, pastel, and acrylic on paper
110.0 x 91.5 (cm)
43.3 x 36.0 (inch)
The series ‘El hombre que deberia estar muerto, pero que resucito a otra vida’, which translates to ‘The man who should be dead, but who was resurrected to another life’, uses graphic imagery to play with notions of immortality, death, and faith systems. Through bizarre characters, this new series humorously-yet-seriously looks at the concept of coming back to life after death. Theologically, the epitome of resurrection is that of Jesus, and one that forms the central focus of Christianity. In Daniel Guzman’s latest works, figures such as Darth Vader are used as visual rhetoric to demonstrate an awareness and interest in the many ways a number of fictional characters die and resurrect. Darth Vader is the prophesied child who is to bring balance to the Force, but his corruption and transformation lead him to be the key antagonist of the ‘dark side.’ Though Vader gains eventual redemption and the prophecy is fulfilled, the character, like Guzman’s creations, plays dangerously with notions of resurrection across the films’ narrative. © Daniel Guzman / kurimanzutto, Photo by Omar Luis Olguin