X Wave, 2018

Miami Beach 2018
Parra & Romero
Acrylic on canvas
183.0 x 183.0 (cm)
72.0 x 72.0 (inch)
Es liegt in der Luft is the staging of Philippe Decrauzat’s latest series of paintings: the X Waves. In these works the artist continues his research on visual perception that simulate volume through the distribution of handpainted lines – one of Decrauzat’s identifying features. The X Waves are comprised of electric blue, curved, parallel lines whose rippling effect is aided by their cut-out shape and the environment in which they are positioned. He also plays with repetition and variation, exploring how the perception of the image depends on its positioning. These forms become more and more ethereal until they eventually disappear into obliteration on the wall. This technique visually conveys a sensation of rhythm and progression reminiscent of the succession of images taken from the stills of a film. The impression of a paradox is created, with each undulating line generating a great sense of kinetic potency – in opposition, nevertheless, to the tension of complete standstill.