Redo (Rendering), 2018

Miami Beach 2018
Redo (Rendering)

Fredric Snitzer Gallery

From 1994 to 2003, the Cuban artist Alexandre Arrechea was active in the artist collective known as Los Carpenteros. Arrechea’s work often interrogates structures of power. His most recent installation, Redo, focuses on how to reformulate a known reality using its own tools and visual cues. The piece eferences the process of plowing the land as an endless operation: an action that reveals a given reality under constant revision and reinvention. The process involved creating a large mural depicting the action of plowing superimposed by variations of plowing with different materials – watercolor, road painting, and honeycomb cardboard elements – to generate an artificial landscape. This same process is demonstrated in the floating installation titled Dew which introduces an element of the landscape present only in the early morning. This method of installation suggests the ephemeral moment when one’s perception of the landscape is on the precipice of change.