Make America Great Again, 2017

Miami Beach 2018
Prometeogallery di Ida Pisani
lambda print on dibond
120.0 x 146.0 (cm)
47.2 x 57.5 (inch)
Baik Art, Los Angeles For this performance the artist’s wrists were tied around a tree trunk installed in an otherwise empty gallery space. A tin can lay on the floor, open for donations that each resulted in a gallery attendant whipping Galindo harshly on the back. The audience stood for one hour, many clutching dollars in their hands, but most ultimately deciding against being responsible for inflicting pain on the woman who stood so vulnerably before them. Eventually, a member of the audience walked up to the trunk and untied the knot. For several minutes after the artist left the space, many of us continued to stand and look at each other, vaguely confused and melancholic, but deeply and distinctly stirred.