Elliptical Glass: KEPLER 452 b, 2018

Glass, computerized LED (r, g, b, y, w), steel, corian
240.6 x 135.0 x 37.0 (厘米)
94.7 x 53.1 x 14.6 (吋)
With the Elliptical Glasses, Turrell has created a new series of spectacular works that allow for a visual and sensory experience of light in a regular architectural setting. Based on his unparalleled European Small Glass series from 2016, which has been garnering wide collector’s attention, the artist developed a series of new original works. Using the latest LED technology, these Elliptical Glasses, based on the elliptical orbits of minor planets (like Pluto,Ceres, Eris ...) are individually programmed and allow for a visual and sensory experience that was previously reserved to larger installations by the artist.