Female on Bed, 2007

Miami Beach 2018
180.0 x 75.0 x 125.0 (cm)
70.9 x 29.5 x 49.2 (inch)
"The piece [Female on Bed] was part of my Slave City project, which was a utopian town - zero footprint - profit maximization - rationalization of people and systems with an emphasis on education and culture. Slaves were not being paid, but granted privileges. Good slaves could visit the male or female brothels. Bad slaves were being recycled... This woman on bed is of one of the female prostitutes laying in The Modular Brothel of Slave City - a standard brothel for the slaves" - Joep van Lieshout Female on Bed (2007) invites you to take your place beside her - to talk, to rest, to sleep together. She represents hospitality and can fulfil all your desires.