Tetra-Hyper-Cube, 2018

Miami Beach 2018
Galerie Guido W. Baudach
Acrylic, oil, lacquer on canvas, artist's frame
205.0 x 175.0 (cm)
80.7 x 68.9 (inch)
German artist Thomas Zipp (*1966, based in Berlin) has devised his narrative conceptualism in various media over more than twenty years. His multipart installations, often containing combinations of drawing, painting and sculpture, illustrate surreal or dreamlike figments of something defying exact definition, as in a vision. At the same time, they are strangely suggestive and have an aura of aestheticization. Zipp uncovers hidden connections between art history, science, politics and psychology and deploys them in his work. The painting Tetra-Hyper Cube is dealing with an architectural theory from the early 20th century, which in particular examines the idea of the fourth dimension. By immersing the geometrical model into his color world and artistic concepts Thomas Zipp negotiates those structures and even expands them.