From the series A Study of Eight Landscapes: Promised Land, 2014

Hong Kong 2019
Pi Artworks
Digital archival pigment print
5 editions + 2 AP Available from 3/5 edition
72.5 x 90.0 (cm)
28.5 x 35.4 (inch)
A Study of Eight Landscapes is a photo series of discarded objects found along the borderlands of US-Mexico, Turkey-Armenia and Syria-Turkey and turned into sculptural compositions in the artist’s studio. The photographs are precise and painterly, mesmerizing to look at but also otherworldly, as if they were out of place and out of time. Surfaces like walls and floors operate simultaneously as connectors and dividers and though the images can be entirely appreciated for their aesthetic and formal qualities, it is their implied but untold stories that keep us wondering. Bucak presents us images of Iiminal spaces like borderlands by highlighting the very liminality of the objects the artist has collected.