Memory, 2017

Hong Kong 2019
Pi Artworks
Oil on linen
200.0 x 150.0 (cm)
78.7 x 59.1 (inch)
"Parlour’s paintings carry colour without volume. Maintaining a relation to printmaking, the build- up is tonal, stained, almost as if in a photograph, with the sense of hands off as well as hands on. A layered levelling of colour, where the artist appears to have pulled the canvas, as if a shroud, out of liquid in a gesture of reversed negativity. Material is born from light which attaches and embeds itself on the surface and yet something seems to permeate from behind. Paint as material has been banished from view to become a layered, thinned, subliminal notion. Diluted and dilated, it has long been absorbed into the thought process of the artist." - Sacha Craddock