A Single Life In Multiple Lives, 2018

Hong Kong 2019
A⁺ Contemporary
“A Single Life In Multiple Lives” is artist Chen Xi’s latest animated film project featured at 2019 Art Basel Hong Kong Film Sector. Continuing with Chen Xi’s exploration of the narrative structure, “A Single Life” touches on the concepts of cosmic nihilism, species evolution, human behavior and impermanence in a series of chain reactions, linked in a story of increasing entropy. The story begins with the most ordinary daily street scene. Seemingly tranquil, this unstable world unfolds a rival among the multiple new lives where the creatures vie for each other’s bodies in order to create new lives. When new lives continue to merge and proceed, eventually only one single life remains. In this multi-linear narrative, a surreal fantasy world gradually comes into sight. War, faith, impermanence, insanity, and dream intertwine in this dystopian fantasy through ultimate MMO (Massive Multiplayer Open World Game) design. Therefore, the characters inside this story are the creatures constructed by this thing, yet also resemble each one of us. We are here to help each other get through this thing.