De Silencio, 2015

Hong Kong 2019
Pi Artworks
A patchwork of the clothes of border crossers found along the US-Mexico border
Unique piece
305.0 x 427.0 (厘米)
120.1 x 168.1 (吋)
De Silencio, is a 440 x 300 cm patchwork of the clothes discarded by border crossers along the US-Mexico border. From Latin America, people are forced or compelled to journey across the US-Mexico border and into a state of limbo. The journey itself is taxing and many die along the way. On the journey, border crossers leave belongings, especially excess layers of clothes, all along the lands they walk through. The artist travelled the path of their migration across southern Texas in August 2015 and collected hundreds of pieces of discard clothes; some from long ago, others from perhaps the same day. The usable pieces were cut into small pieces by the artist and by a Mexican migrant woman and sewn together to create a patchwork quilt.