Sightings D5M6Y2017, 2017

Hong Kong 2019
Chemould Prescott Road
Lenticular print
230.0 x 230.0 (厘米)
90.6 x 90.6 (吋)
A large suite of photographic works titled 'Sightings' that appears like telescopic snapshots of distant galaxies or faraway supernova explosions in an early universe. It is only on closer viewing that one recognizes each lenticular photo as a double image bearing a close detail of a fruit and its chromatic inverse, carrying a forensic image of the cosmos with the dispersed constellations manifest on its skin. For Jitish Kallat, the fruit becomes a small doorway to deliberate upon its very energy as an incarnation of this vital stellar power temporarily posing as a fruit, contemplating the macro as manifesting within the micro.