Silence, 1978

Hong Kong 2019
10 Chancery Lane Gallery
(Image) Wang Keping - Various dimensions Huang Rui Born 1952 in Beijing, China Lives and works in Beijing, China Liu Heung Shing Born 1951 in Hong Kong, China Lives and works in Shanghai, China Ma Desheng Born 1952 in Beijing, China Lives and works in Paris, France Wang Keping Born 1949 in Beijing, China Lives and works in Paris, France The artworks of The Stars art group were born from the defiance of their youth. This trio of avant-garde artists challenged the status quo to initiate free artistic expression in the post-Mao era. Their works were a voice of the future within a China that was on the verge of transformation. On the occasion of the 40th Anniversary of China’s historically important art event, the 1979 ‘Stars Exhibition’, the early works of Huang Rui, Wang Keping and Ma Desheng as well as photo documentation by acclaimed photographer Liu Heung Shing are assembled with archival materials that chronicle the journey through the transformative movement of contemporary art of China. Huang Rui, Ma Desheng and Wang Keping founded the art group The Stars in 1979 during the post-Cultural Revolution years. The Stars inspired generations of artists that followed, carving the path of artistic freedom in China. 黃銳、劉香成、馬德升 及王克平 黃銳 1952 年出生於中國北京 現於中國北京生活及工作 劉香成 1951 年出生於中國香港 現於中國上海生活及工作 馬德升 1952 年出生於中國北京 現於法國巴黎生活及工作 王克平 1949 年出生於中國北京 現於法國巴黎生活及工作 星星畫會的作品,源自於三位先鋒藝術家 的叛逆年代,他們勇於挑戰後毛澤東時 代的社會狀況,爭取藝術創作和表達的自 由。當時的中國社會正處於蛻變的邊緣, 而他們的作品就象徵着中國的未來。 星星畫會於1979年發起的「星星美展」寫 下中國藝術大事紀的重要一頁,適逢 「星星美展」的四十週年紀念,三位星星 藝術家黃銳、王克平和馬德升的早期作品 以及著名攝影師劉香成的攝影文獻將配上 相關的檔案資料重現大家眼前,帶領觀者 走過中國當代藝術的變革歷程。 星星畫會由黃銳、王克平和馬德升於文革 後的1979年創辦,此後啟發無數中國藝術 家,傳承藝術創作自由的精神。