Solar flare_3, 2018

Hong Kong 2019
gb agency
Mixed Media
Graphite, ink on paper and colored handblown glass
87.0 x 67.0 x 4.0 Size (cm)
34.3 x 26.4 x 1.6 Size (in)
Born 1972 in Sarcelles, France Lives and works in Paris, France For the ‘Sunflowers’ series, Dove Allouche borrows the technique of mirror making: scattering pure silver and tin onto large Cibachrome sheets and sweeping his hand across the surface. The photosensitive sheets are exposed to different degrees of light, revealing the ghostly traces of the artist’s movements. Moving from darkness to light, ‘Solar Flares’ is a series of graphite drawings based on photographs of solar irradiance imperceptible to the naked eye; their halos represent a mixture of gases. Allouche frames each drawing with a unique sheet of blown glass which corresponds to one of the elemental colors found in the hottest parts of the sun’s corona during a solar eruption. In his quest to visualize the unseen, Dove Allouche combines photography, drawing and printmaking, often employing scientific or ancient photographic techniques to bring to light otherwise invisible phenomena. Presented with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques, France. 德夫.阿魯什 1972 年出生於法國薩塞勒 現於法國巴黎生活及工作 德夫.阿魯什的「向日葵」系列借用了 製鏡的技術,將純銀和錫灑落在大型 西霸彩色相紙上,然後用手掃過相紙的 表面。感光的相紙在暗房經不同程度的 曝光後,會顯現出藝術家掃動的軌跡, 仿如幽靈。從暗黑過渡至光明的「太陽 耀斑」系列,將肉眼不能看見的太陽輻 照度拍成照片,然後將映象用石墨素描 出來。作品中的光暈由氣體的混合形 成,每幅作品都用一幅獨特的手工玻璃 裝裱,其顏色代表太陽耀斑現象發生 時,太陽大氣外層最高溫部份的其中一 種原色。 德夫.阿魯什運用攝影、繪畫和版畫等 方法,並結合科學化和古代攝影技巧, 來揭露原本不為人所見的自然現象。 本系列獲法國國家造型藝術中心支持 展出。