Prayer, 1975

Hong Kong 2019
Tina Keng Gallery
Oil on canvas
45.5 x 38.0 Size (cm)
17.9 x 15.0 Size (in)
Born 1908 in Jiangsu, China Died 2017 in Yilan, Taiwan Wang Pan-youn’s artistic vocabulary is deeply tinged with a personal history that has cultivated a reserved and melancholic aesthetics of solitude. ‘The Realm of Solitude’ pays homage to Wang’s life from his displacement in his early days to his contentedness in later years. During the early 20th century cultural exchange in China, some emigrated for lofty ideals; others suffered displacement due to warfare. Nostalgia and loneliness became entwined in the collective consciousness of these roamers. Wang was fatefully forced onto a completely different path while many of his peers moved abroad for artistic pursuits. Personal struggle and emotional suffering imbue the artist’s work, embodied through minimal composition and a succinct palette. Wang studied painting at the Shanghai Fine Arts School. He moved to Taiwan with the KMT government in 1949. Wang developed his own distinct style characterized by simplicity and a sense of loneliness. 王攀元 1908 年出生於中國江蘇 2017 年逝世於台灣宜蘭 王攀元自傳式的藝術語言,呈現出沉默 而淒哀的孤寂美學,「寂盡之境」道盡 王攀元顛沛流離、至晚年豁達而澹泊的 心緒。中國於二十世紀上半葉發生文化 大遷徙,有人為理想而出走,有人因戰 禍而離異,鄉愁與孤寂成了這些遊離者 的集體情結。在那個王攀元身邊的藝術 學子都遠走他鄉追求藝術理想的時代, 王攀元卻迫於無奈地反其道而行。他的 內心掙扎和痛苦情緒,在其作品簡約的 畫面結構與簡明的色彩之中表露無遺。 王攀元畢業於上海美術專科學校, 1949年隨國民黨政府移居台灣,作品風 格簡潔,並往往流露一股寂寥。