Homage to the Square, 2018 - 2019

Hong Kong 2019
Sean Kelly
Polished stainless steel, epoxy paint, wire
This kinetic mobile sculpture is part of Dávila’s ongoing series entitled Homage to the Square, which references Josef Albers’ renowned theories on the perception and interaction of color through a mathematically determined format of squares. In this work, Dávila advances Albers’ inquiry by animating two-dimensional planes into three-dimensional objects that exist in an active state of motion. The multicolored, gently swaying sculptures are suspended overhead and close to the ground, allowing visitors to walk under and among them. Trained as an architect and visual artist, Dávila creates elegant and dynamic sculptures, installations and photographic works that simultaneously emulate, critique, and credit 20th-century avant-garde art and architecture. 何塞•達維拉 1974 年生於墨西哥瓜達拉哈拉 現於墨西哥瓜達拉哈拉生活及工作 《向正方形致敬》(2018-2019) 尺寸不定 拋光不銹鋼、環氧樹脂、電線 這件出自何塞.達維拉手筆的動態雕塑,是藝術家持續創作的《向正方形致敬》系列作品之一,靈感源自包浩斯巨匠約瑟夫.亞伯斯的著名理論,研究若干方形結構的數學性精密排列怎樣影響人們對於色彩的感知與反應。達維拉透過作品延伸亞伯斯所提出的疑問,將二維平面提升至三維立體,做出處於活動狀態的立體雕塑。這件色彩繽紛的雕塑裝置一直在悠悠擺動,從天花懸垂至地面,當觀者從作品底下走過時,會產生置身其中的感覺。達維拉受過建築與視覺藝術的正統教育,他藉着創作活動優雅的雕塑、裝置與攝影作品,向二十世紀先鋒藝術與建築作出參照、批判思考與推崇致意。