City in the Sky, 2019

Hong Kong 2019
Kukje Gallery, Massimo De Carlo, Perrotin
Polished stainless steel, aluminium, LED lights
400.0 x 500.0 x 220.0 (cm)
157.5 x 196.9 x 86.6 (inch)
City in the Sky manifests an imaginary city in a scaled model, installed upside-down. Inspired by the new financial centers of megacities such as Hong Kong, Shanghai, and London, it offers a kaleidoscopic overview of a fictional urban landscape in which illuminated skyscrapers are rendered as post-architectural archetypes. As the competition among global metropolises intensifies, local identities are influenced by events in other parts of the world, resulting in complex layers and aspirations that impact the cityscape. The installation prompts viewers to imagine their own ideal city. City in the Sky explores ideas first dealt with in Magic Mushrooms (2015), the duo’s permanent commission for DOKK1 in Aarhus, Denmark. 艾默格林與德拉塞特 米高.艾默格林1961 年生於丹麥哥本哈根 英格.德拉塞特1969 年生於挪威特隆赫姆 現於德國柏林生活及工作 《空中城市》(2019) 400 x 500 x 220 厘米 拋光不銹鋼、鋁合金、定製LED燈 艾默格林與德拉塞特的《空中城市》,創作概念源自如香港、上海和倫敦等大都會的新興金融中心,以比例模型裝置的形式展現一個倒轉的虛擬城市,捕捉其變幻莫測的景觀,一棟棟光亮耀眼的摩天大樓,喻示着某種後現代建築原型的形態。兩位藝術家有感隨着世界各地大都會之間的競爭日益加劇,本土身份的認同亦不斷受全球各地發生的事件所影響,從而形成現代城市景觀的複雜性及其滿足多樣訴求的特性。《空中城市》旨在激發觀者去想像他們心目中理想城市的面貌,其理念早在藝術家2015年的作品《魔幻蘑菇》首次醞釀。《魔幻蘑菇》為丹麥奧胡斯的DOKK1委託所創作的永久收藏品。